Leasing & Advertising

Whether you’re looking for a permanent lease, specialty leasing, or advertising your business, we have the experience and solutions to help you be successful with a wide range of powerful retail business options.

Permanent Leasing

Whether you are a national retailer or a local tenant, we have permanent leasing opportunities for businesses of all sizes and categories. Our team of leasing professionals will partner with you to discuss the smartest options for growing your business and creating a financial foundation for success. And once we start the process, we remain committed to you and your retail goals—from openings through expansions and beyond.

Advertising Opportunities

The Esplanade offers a robust mix of media options, all strategically placed to reach shoppers who are in the mood to buy. In-mall advertising provides opportunities to target your message to potential customers at the point of purchase. The Esplanade is a unique medium that can help your business reach a large consumer base and increase brand awareness.

With an average of five million visitors per year and 400K+ visitors per month, our center has the traffic and consumer base that make advertising a smart opportunity. We’ll work with you to create a marketing strategy that drives the traffic—and results—you want.

Specialty Leasing

Showcase your unique products or new business in a prime mall location without a long commitment or large investment. Ranging from a few days to 24 months, we’ll give you the leasing flexibility you want to meet your business goals—from RMUs, kiosks, and carts to inline spaces with favorable rent terms. We offer a wide range of high-traffic locations, superior customer service, and business planning and design services to support your retail operation—no matter the size.

Retail Carts or Retail Merchandising Units (RMU)
Try your concept on a landlord-provided unit in a high traffic, common area location. Our specialty carts make launching a retail business easy. Imagine your great product in a desirable retail setting. All the traffic, all the visibility, without the expense and commitment of an inline space. Nothing says “NEW” and “GOTTA HAVE IT” like a specialty cart.

Have you always wanted to open a full-line retail store in a mall but thought it was beyond your current budget? Not anymore! For retailers who require an actual store space, but are not ready for a long-term lease obligation. We can offer short-term leases up to 24-months with favorable rent terms. This allows you to “test drive” your concept within the shopping mall environment to see if it’s the right fit for your new business or the right time to expand your current business.

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